Terms & Privacy Policy


● It Is Forbidden For Anyone Under The Age Of 18 To Be A Member Of The Panel.If They Are Detected, Membership Will Be Discontinued Indefinitely.
● The default minimum payment amount is 5dolars.
● All services start/complete fastest on systems that can be.
● The system is designed so that you can get the best performance.
● Support and you can get support via Skype from 09:00 in the morning to 01:00 at night.
● Fees written next to the products are 1,000 PCs (1K) fees.
● The periods written next to the service are given on average, may vary depending on order density
● Only 1 order can be entered at the same time for 1 Account, 2 orders are entered more than once, there are missing submissions. Mytakipci.com.Com it's not.
● The confidentiality of accounts must be closed (public) in order for all services to be able to be discarded
● Your cancellation/refund request will not be accepted after orders are entered into the system. If the order is not completed/partially completed, the system will automatically refund. In your attempts to deceive the system,such as hiding an account, changing a username, archiving a post while the order is in the process, the system completes the process as complete, even if there are missing beats
● The limit given to each service is the limit given per account. An account that uses a service with a max 3k limit cannot shoot 4k.
● Mytakipci.com Instagram does not accept liability for Facebook, Twitter or any service it offers, in possible cases such as suspension or closure of the account being processed.
● There is no warranty / refund / compensation in any of the services available on our site
●Orders entered through our site are concluded based on the initial number and the amount of the order, and are not returned if a shot/shot was made from another location. Please wait for the orders you enter from our site to be completed
● Mytakipci.com.Com He Has The Right To Change These Rules At Any Time.

Return Conditions

● Post-payment refund is not possible, payments made Mytakipci.com references
● Unauthorized transaction or stolen credit card, any fraudulent activity, member account will be closed without exception.
● Mytakipci.com.Com it reserves the right to suspend the member if any chargeback or withdrawal occurs in the payments made.
● Mytakipci.com.Com He Has The Right To Change These Rules At Any Time.

Privacy Policy

● This policy covers how we use your personal information. Your privacy is important to us and every precaution is taken to protect it.
● No way of your information 3. it is not shared with contacts.

● When You Enter Your Phone Number Into The System, You Accept Only SMS From Us.If you don't want to receive SMS, you can type your username instead of your phone number.